6CBM High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer

6CBM High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer

6CBM High Frequency Vacuum Timber Dryer

1. Introduction: 
HF vacuum wood dryer also named high frequency vacuum timber dryer. It is a kind of new timber drying equipment. Both HF dielectric heating and vacuum low temperature technology are applied to make sure drying speed and timber quality together. 

2. Characters of HF vacuum timber dryer: 
1).High frequency internal heating make sure timber drying quickly and evenly.
2).Vacuum system guarantees low temperature timber drying safely. 
3).Machine only needs electricity (no boiler), no pollution.
4).HF power is the good killer for worm and bacteria in the timber.
5).Covering less space, less costs and convenient than conventional kiln dryer.
High frequency vacuum timber dryer is the best choice for hard wood (like oak), thick wood (like beam), expensive wood (like rosewood) and floor drying. 
3. Specification:
HF generator                                                   20KW------------80KW
Volume 3CBM  4CBM 6CBM 10CBM 14CBM
Wood Loading 3x1x1m 4x1x1m 6x1x1m 6x1.3x1.3m 8x1.3x1.38m
Wood Feeding Auto Auto Auto Auto Auto
Vacuum Pressure                                                             -0.092MPa
Weight 4.5T 5T 6T 8T 11T
Dimension 4x4x2.7m 5x4x2.7m 7x4x2.7m 7x4.5x2.8m 9x4.5x2.8m

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