High Frequency Plywood Bending Press Working Theory

Author: Date:9/2/2016 9:53:04 AM
High frequency plywood bending press also called high frequency curved plywood press. Three are 4 parts on the machine.

A: High Frequency Geneartor---Heating system
B: Hydraulic press-----Two hydraulic press work with one HF generator
C: Hydraulic system-----Including pump, pipe, valve and control system
D: Mold----Mold can be made by plywood, MDF or metal

High Frequency working theory:
High frequency generator generates alternating electromagnetic field through 3 phase voltage between electrodes. Water and glue molecules are polarized and moving in high speed in the field. The friction and impact among molecules drive hot temperature in short time. Then the glue will be dried and solid in several mins. It is dielectric heating method, which helps water/gule get heated themselves---effective, uniform and energy saving.

Working steps: 
1. Spread glue evenly on the veneer. (Double sides glue spreader can save time)
2. Load glued veneers between the male and female mold.
3. Down press and give pressure on the veneers.
4. High Frequency heating. Heating timer will count and off automatically after heating.
5. Prepare glued veneers and load again.

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