1.What is high frequency?
High frequency is called radio frequency. It’s heating principle is same with microwave, but wavelength different. High frequency generator generates electromagnetic fields between two electrodes through three phase alternating current. In this field, water and glue molecules are polarized - rotated - heated by friction.  High frequency heating is not like conductive heating, which heat material step by step, but help object heated themselves by friction. This is called high frequency dielectric heating-quickly, efficiently and evenly. Besides, there are more advantages in high frequency heating:
1). Easy to control: Once cut off power, no heating any more; once power on, heating works wholly.
2). Low heating loss, energy saving.
3).Environment friendly: High frequency is clean power, dust free.
4).HF power can kill worm and bacteria in the material like timber and grain.

2. What works can do with high frequency in wood working?
Due to the features of high frequency heating, most of wood working manufacturers select High Frequency Machine for their demand:
1). Timber drying: Timber re-drying (quickly), hard wood drying(efficiently), expensive wood drying (high quality )and beam drying(evenly)
2). Glue drying: Plywood /MDF/HDF bending, edge glued panel jointing, frame assembly, wood connection jointing.

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