Which machines are necessary for chair bending

Author: Date:1/17/2019 4:00:33 AM
 Most of customers would like to produce curved plywood chair, but have no idea how to choose machines. Now we would like to give customer some suggestions and let you know which machines are necessary for chair bending.  

Above chairs are simple and can be bent by vertical pressure press model:  HFPB-1608-CH
For complex shape of chairs like following picture, three direction pressure press is necessary model: HFPB-1608T-CH


Before bending, customer also needs glue spreader (Double sides is more efficient). Can choose 600mm wide or 1300mm wide. 

If customer want to cut veneer or splice veneer, also need veneer clipper and veneer splicing machine (If veneer supplier can supply required size of veneer, customer does not need purchase those two machine)
After bending, customer needs cut the edge. Simple way is bandsaw cutting, then use sander to sand the edge. Drilling machine is also need to drill the mountain hole in the right place.
If customer needs convenient and efficient cutting method, can choose CNC machine (4 axis or 5 axis) depends the shapes of chair.
                        4 axis                                                           5 axis                                                        
4 working table edge cutting CNC                    5 axis for curved plywood processing

Here is full video for whole process

Sometime customer wants spray painting machine

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