Welcome Russian Customer Visit Us for HF Plywood Bending Press

Author: Date:7/29/2019 5:52:07 AM
23th July, Russian customer visited us to discuss school chairs production with our high frequency plywood bending press. They brought sample to us and also tested our machines in factory. We tried workpiece 1050x480x26mm with 30KW high frequency power. The heating time is 5 mins. From our years experience, after several cycle working, the heating time can reduce to around 3 mins. Russian customer are satisfy with the test result. And finally confirmed the order with us.
Our HF plywood bending press can not only bend school furture, but also home furniture, office furniture, as well as resturant furniture like 
 resturant chairs, office chairs, sofa arm rest, bed slats, MDF cabinet door face, musical instrument parts (guitar rim, sound box) etc.

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