40'HQ Container loading for Curved Plywood Production Machines

Author: Date:9/5/2017 8:39:21 PM
Curved Plywood Production Machines

For curved plywood production, there are many machines. Here are some necessary machines needed.
1. Glue spreader: Spread glue uniformly on veneer surface
2. Hydraulic press with HF heating: Speedy the forming time. (2-3 mins heating)
3. Mold: processed by CNC machining center according to customer's design.
4. Bandsaw or CNC router : Cut the edge.
5. Sander: Sand the bur on the edge.

If customer wants to make full use of veneer, veneer clipper and veneer splicer are also needed.
Veneer clipper is used to cut veneer to get required veneer size. Veneer splicer can join small pieces of veneer and take them as core veneer.

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