Two Drum Wide Belt Sander

Two Drum Wide Belt Sander

 Double pressing roller structure design ensures stable feeding of work piece

2. First sanding shaft adopts ¢140 eccentric spiral steel roller. Easy to adjust
Second sanding shaft is combined sanding unit with sanding pad,
adopts ¢120 rubber coating roller + peaceful rigid press pillow

3. Imported high precision Numeral control panel to adjust thickness.
Keyboard control type, easy operate and maintenance.
Adjust the thickness in electrical way.
Emergency button is obviously and separately, easy to cut off the power and keep safety.

4. Components are SIEMENS brand. Durable and stable.

5. Japan SMC magnetic valve and swing cylinder

6.Anti dust motor IP54

7.Advanced international sanding belt adjust method.
Convenient to operate and easy to learn.

8. German PEPPERL+FUCHS limit switch for sanding belt

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