Three Direction High Frequency Plywood Bending Press

Three Direction High Frequency Plywood Bending Press

Three Direction High Frequency Plywood Bending Press

1. Introduction
Three Direction High Frequency Plywood Bending Press also named High Frequency Curved Plywood Press. It is equipped with high frequency generator and two sets of hydraulic press. Press is designed with vertical pressure and horizontal pressure (Left and Right hand horizontal pressure together). This kind of design can help customer bend complex shape of curved plywood elements, such as complex chair, sofa armrest, tea table, sound box and round cycle plywood products.
HF Plywood Bending Press doesn't need boiler and hot oil. It only needs electricity, clean and powerless. One operator could operate at least 2 sets of machine, convenient and easy to handle with. Mold/Die changing is easier and cost less, due to the material (mold can be made by plywood or MDF). Wooden mold keeps warm in good condition. And the costs is cheaper than metal mold. Customer even can design and produce their own mold shapes easily.

2. Features of three direction high frequency plywood bending press 
1). Horizontal pressure plus Vertical pressure can bend complex shapes of products. Good for long term product development.
2). High efficiency: High frequency is internal heating, drying glue quickly, easily and uniformly (Chair bending needs 3-4 mins per cycle)
3). Low costs: High frequency concentrates power on glue, saving energy.  
4). Stable quality. After pressing, plywood shape is steady and hard to change.
5). Easy mold making. HF bending press works with plywood mold, which is easy to design and make in customers’ requirement
6). Environment friendly: High frequency power needs only electricity, clean and dust free.

3. Specification on 3D HF Plywood Bending Press

Model HFPB-1506T-CH HFPB-1608T-CH HFPB-1610TD-CH
Power     3Phase 4 Wires AC380V 50Hz, or customized
Top Working
1500x650mm 1600x800mm 1600x1000mm
Bottom Working
1800x650mm 1900x800mm 1900x1000mm
Total Pressure 96T 120T 160T
Vertical Pressure 80T 80T 100T
Horizontal Pressure 16T 40T 60T
Output       Two outputs (One HF drives two press)
Weight 7T 8T 9T

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