Plywood Chair Cutting Machine

Plywood Chair Cutting Machine

Plywood Chair Cutting Machine

Plywood Chair Cutting Machine is also called plywood chair cutter. It is designed for high efficiency plywood chairs edge cutting and curving, which can ensure the quality, stability and safety.

1. Whole steel structure body process by tempering treatment, which can make sure the countertops accuracy and stability.

2. Linear guide and ball screw imported from Taiwan, stable and durable

3. Advanced dual-Y axis rack drive is applied, fast, stable and powerful.

4. USB interface DSP operating system (read U disk) used in machine, can operate CNC offline, easily and conveniently.

5. Resume carving, power recovery and processing time prediction function ensure machine excellent performance.

6. Open software interface, compatible type3 / ARTCAM / CASTMATE / UCANCAM and other CAD / CAM design software to generate the processing code, to ensure the design of barrier.

7. There are four stations (can also supply two stations CNC); every two belong to one group. When one group is working, operator can load two chairs on the other group. Even less-knowledge workers can easily operator. Just need load and upload chairs. Female can also operate it well, which can greatly improve the efficacy, saving labor costs. 




Chair cutting and engraving

Lathe body

Steel beam and steel pipe welding lathe bed

Working table number

4 working tables

Spindle power


Spindle cooling type

Air cooled

Spindle number

2 pieces

Spindle speed

6000-18000 rpm/min

Chair cut size


Machine working speed


Vacuum table


Vacuum pump


Overall size

2200*4100*1800 mm



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