High Frequency Door Assembly Machine

High Frequency Door Assembly Machine

High Frequency Door Assembly Machine

High frequency door assembly machine is multi-functional machine. Can be used to assemble the solid wood door (with or without glass), window, cabinet door etc. With three direction pressure design, it can also make edge glued panels,  door pocket sealing and batten sealing projects. Machine applied high frequency generator. High frequency is selective heating method, which only heats glue. The whole frame or panel will not be heated. In this way, production time and energy can be highly saved.1-2 mins can finish one cycle. Wish skillful operator, one machine can finish more than 100 pieces solid wood doors per day (8 working hours). HF door assembly machine has slat working table design, which is humanistic for workers loading and upload doors. 3D hydraulic pressure can give uniform pressure on the door. Customer can adjust the pressure according to different thickness doors. Once produce small doors, hydraulic valve can be switched off  accordingly. 

2. Features:
1). High frequency internal heating, only heat the glue line, efficiently and energy saving.
2). 1-2 mins can finish one solid wood door.
3). Machine can protect the door surface from scratching.
4). Can assemble the frame via 3D pressure.
5). Inclined working table is more humanized and convenient for material loading.
6). International famous brand components and safety protection assure machine good and safe performance.
3. Specification

Model HFDA-8x3-CH HFDA-8x4-CH HFDA-10x4-CH
Working Table 2460x960mm 2460x1220mm 3050x1220mm
Thickness Below 60mm Below 60mm Below 60mm
HF generator 20KW 20KW 20KW
Pressure           3D Hydraulic Pressure
Weight 4.5T 5T 7T






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