Glulam Finger Joint Press

Glulam Finger Joint Press

                    Infinite length finger jointer working in Thailand

                                  Machine working in China
Main Features:
1. Advanced technology: This machine is characterized by human-machine interface, numerical control technique, optical, mechanical, electronic and hydraulic integration. According to preset data, measuring, feeding, pre-jointing, correcting, jointing and cutting, all procedures work in turn automatically
2. High efficiency: Pre-jointing, adjustable feeding speed and jointing program ensure a high efficiency.
3. Steady quality: Correcting program-hit the joints flat, and jointing program-jointing power is adjustable which ensure the enough flatness and strength.
4. Safety and Security: Reasonable and humanized design ensures the safety and security.


Model MHZ15L
Working length    Freely set as required (Infinite length)
Max. Working width 250mm
Max. Working thickness 110mm
Max. Feeding speed 36m/min
Saw blade diameter Φ400
Motor power for cutting 2.2kw
Motor power for feeding 0.75kw
Motor power for hydraulic 5.5kw
Total power 8.45KW 
Rated air pressure 0.6 ~0.7Mpa 
Rated hydraulic pressure 10MPa
Overall dimensions (L*W*H) 13000(~+N×6000)×2500×1650mm 
Total weight 4800Kg 


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