Dual Workingtable HF Edge Glued Panel Press

Dual Workingtable HF Edge Glued Panel Press

Dual working table HF edge glued panel press is specialized for small size furniture panel making. The working table is like pallet. When one table is inside machine, the other one will be outside for material loading. In this way, it can save the preparing time and can also position the wood material accurately during the feeding process, which will avoid the cylinder damaged caused by moving of wood material.
1. High efficiency. HF power is selective heating method. It only heat glue line but not whole panel. In this way, 2-3 mins can finish one 2500x1250x20mm thick panel. For 80mm thick panel, it will need 4-6 mins.At the same time, HF edge glued panel press can also save the electricity. (0.6-1KWh per panel)
2. Saving labor energy. Workers can stand same area for material load and uploading.
3. Avoid cylinder damage. Pallet working table can position wood material accurately and feed edge glued timber inside safely and stably in case cause cylinder damaged caused by dislocation of wood.
4. Saving material. 6 cylinders with 18T pressure on the bottom working table can press panel uniformly and make sure the flatness of panel surface. It will save more wood material for next process—sanding.
5. Panel size can be freely produced. Machine equipped 12 pieces side cylinders. Each cylinder control 220mm length. It means from 220-2500mm long, from 0-1250mm wide panel can be freely jointed. It is very suitable for furniture manufacturers’ multi size panel requirement。
6. Glue cleaning easily. On the surface of working table, it is coated with non-adhesive material. Workers can clean the glue easily and conveniently, saving much time and energy. 



Power supply

380V, 50Hz, 3 phase or customized

HF power


Rated frequency


Working table type

Dual working table

Working table size


Working thickness

Below 80mm

Working width


Working length


Total pressure

55T (Hydraulic pressure)

Vertical pressure

18T (Φ50x6pcs cylinder)

Horizontal pressure

37T (Φ50x12pcs cylinder)


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