40'GP container loading for panel laminating

Author: Date:1/12/2020 7:13:40 PM
Vietnam customer purchased 2500mm long high frequency edge glued panel press. 
1). Conveyor belt feeding. Can place wood pieces in right position, avoiding dislocation problem and damage cylinder.
2). Machine working table processed by non-cohesive material. Glue is easy to remove and assure panel quality.
3). Top working table designed with lifting device. Make sure panel straight and flatness.Save more wood material for next sanding process.
4). Locate high frequency generator and hydraulic system on the top of machine, saving factory space.
6). High efficiency: HF heating 1-2minutes finish one standard panel(8x4 feet, 20mm thick ).
7).Low power costs: HF power only heat glue line, save the power. (0.6-1 kwh per panel)
8).Labor saving: Automatic control. One button can finish whole cycle.
9).No pollution: HF power only needs electricity, dust free and clean

                                           Auto hydraulic lift table for outlet

                                        Feeding cart + High frequency generator

                                  Main press of HF edge glued panel press

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