10CBM High frequency vacuum dryer finished for foreign customer

Author: Date:1/16/2020 8:42:43 PM
Customer purchased 10CBM capacity High frequency vacuum dryer for timber drying.
Here are machine features
A: High frequency is internal heating. It gets water molecules heated through friction. High frequency wave can penetrate wood deeply and dry wood from core to wood surface wholly and uniformly. Even thick wood can also be well heated.
B: Machine is also equipped with vacuum system. Under vacuum condition, wood moisture can be boiled at 50-60 degree and vaporize rapidly, which can save both time and energy. Low temperature wood drying can guarantee wood quality to avoid crack problem. Meanwhile, vacuum system will suck wood moisture out due to pressure difference; double increased wood drying speed. 
10CBM HF vacuum dryer
10CBM High frequency vacuum dryer
high frequency vacuum timber dryer
radio frequency kiln dryer
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