10CBM HF vacuum dryer is ready for shipment

Author: Date:6/8/2020 12:58:51 AM
10CBM High frequency vacuum dryer is also called hf vacuum dryer, hf wood kiln dryer or vacuum dryer. It can be used for different types of timber (Beam, slab, timber, veneer) and wood species (Hard wood and soft wood) drying. The drying theory is different with traditional kiln dryer. It applies vacuum technology and high frequency heating. Vacuum can dry wood in low temperature safely and HF power can heat timber from inside to outside together. After drying, there is no crack and bending probelm.
10CBM can load 6000mm long, 1300mm wide and 1300mm high timber. There is no need space between layers (No need wood strips as specer).
This 10CBM HF vacuum dryer is purchased by Indonesia customer in Surabaya.
10CBM high frequency vacuum dryer
high frequency vacuum dryer
10CBM hf vacuum dryer
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